Just a little stuff about us!


         Trusty Thrusters is a team of two people working from opposite sides of the country - one in the south, one in the north! We started experimenting with 3D sculpting, printing and learning to pour silicone over the long and lonely quarantine period of Covid, and these lovely toys are the result. 


          Our initial goal was to reimagine some of classic fantasy toy shapes in a new and unique way, so we started with a horse, a dog and a tentacle. We wanted to stick to the super safe silicone that everyone seems to love, and really enjoyed the end results! 


        We picked up the hobby mostly from helpful how-to vids, YouTube channels and Tik Toks to get to where we are now, but we're still learning and welcome all feedback along the way! 

        More to come: We're hoping to dip into conventions in the future to start meeting all the cool people in the toy-making community soon, so if you see us there, come say hi!